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Bluetooth 5.3 Heartbuds

Bluetooth 5.3 Heartbuds

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❤ Hearbuds is a heart-shaped design that is compatible with girl's small ears. The in-ear part of the earbuds has undergone multiple rounds of polishing and refinement to achieve a beautiful and comfortable balance. Each individual earbud weighs a mere 4.5g, making it exceptionally lightweight and discreet. The heart-shaped design ensures a comfortable and secure fit, particularly during sports and workouts.

❤ Hearbuds feature a 6mm diameter speaker that delivers a powerful and wide sound range. The treble is dynamic and the bass is robust, thanks to the advanced Bluetooth chip that enhances the earbuds' performance. This makes them ideal for sports or home work.

Hearbuds equipped with IPX4 materials which are waterproof and suitable for playing any sport.

❤ With Bluetooth 5.3 technology, the Heartbuds offer superior sound quality and a strong signal, ensuring no disconnection while listening to music or making phone calls within a range of 12 meters.

❤ Heartbuds boasts a long battery life. With 10 minutes of charging, 1.5 hours of normal use. Heartbuds offer excellent endurance and a hassle-free listening experience.


Heartbuds - 23(W)×23(D)×20(H)mm

Charging box - 60(W)×28(D)×43(H)mm


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