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Ear Wax Removal with 10 Pcs Ear Set

Ear Wax Removal with 10 Pcs Ear Set

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✅ This ear wax removal tool is a device that is equipped with a 1080P ear camera, upgraded 3.0 megapixel HD camera technology and 6 strong LED white lights.
This allows for the ear wax in the ear canal to be clearly visible, making ear picking safer. 
The ear wax removal tool adopts an integrated design and is equipped with a highly elastic and soft silicone ear scoop, which is soft and reliable. This prevents scratching of the ear canal during earwax removal. The one-piece design also prevents the ear scoop from falling off, reducing safety accidents caused by the falling ear canals. 
✅ Its advanced camera technology and easy-to-use features make it a convenient and practical option for anyone looking to improve their ear hygiene. 
✅ WiFi connection and app control: The device is easy to operate and compatible with most Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Users can easily check their ears on their phone or tablet, take pictures, and record videos in real-time. This is especially useful for transmitting ear conditions to a doctor in time for advice.
✅ Applicable to a wide range of people: The ear cleaner camera is equipped with a newly upgraded 3.5mm lens, allowing it to enter narrower ear canals for earwax cleaning. This makes it suitable for children and adults alike.

Package Included:

1*Earwax Remover Tool

1*Type C USB

10 tools, 1 mini brush 


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