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Fruit and Vegetable Washing Machine

Fruit and Vegetable Washing Machine

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✅ Hydroxy Water Ion Purification Technology: Using water as raw material to achieve high-efficiency purification in three steps:

1. Electrolysis (water is decomposed into OH- and H+ under the action of electrolytic material).

2. Degradation (OH- will destroy chemical molecules of residual and cell walls, making it becomes harmless).

3. Deep Purification (OH- and Cl combine into HClO, will deeply degrade residues and harmful ingredients).

✅ Wide and Efficient Purification: It can purify fruits and vegetables, aquatic products, meat, tableware, grains, kitchen utensils, glasses and jewelry. It can purify more than 99% of residual harmful ingredients and prolong the storage time

✅ Easy to Use and Clean: Just press the switch to turn the washing machine on, it can quickly clean the food in 10 mins, and let you enjoy healthy and delicious fruit and vegetables.

✅ Wireless and Portable: Built-in 4400mAh high-capacity rechargeable battery, the washing machine can be used for 25 times when fully charged. No direct contact with strong electricity, it is safe and stable.

✅ There is no noise and interference during use. Small and portable, and suitable for travel. It is a perfect gift for wife, mother and friends.

Why choose our’s Food Purifier?

OH- purification technology, no chemical additions, no food damage, and easy to carry. Sterilization rate>99.99%, pesticide residue removal rate>90%

Traditional Food Purifier is inefficient and has poor cleaning effect

①. With sink type: takes up a lot of space and is troublesome to operate
②. Ozone type: harmful to the human body, breathing in the air with ozone concentration > 0.1PPM is not good for health
③. Ultrasonic type: pollutants penetrate into the interior of the food

Package Included:

Washing Machine*1
USB Cable *1
English Manual*1


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