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USB Rechargeable Electric Eyelash Curler

USB Rechargeable Electric Eyelash Curler

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✅ Two Temperature Modes: Our USB electric eyelash curler has two temperature modes, the green light is the low temperature (65 °C), suitable for thin and soft eyelashes, the blue light is high temperature (85 °C), suitable for hard and thick eyelashes.
✅ Long-lasting Curling: Our electric eyelash curler is designed to create long-lasting curling eyelashes. The eyelash curling effect can last up to 24 hours. It is a must-have artifact for parties, dates, and important occasions. Keeping your eyes smart and blinking.
✅ No Hurting Eyelash & Easy To Use: Our heated eyelash curlers designed with a sensing silicone pad, protect your eyelids and skin from the heat. Ergonomically designed, curling, and ironing eyelash curler fits all kinds of eyelashes.
✅ USB Fast Charging & Portable: Type-C port, charged with USB charging to save battery cost. The rechargeable heated eyelash curler is small and light, it can be carried in your bag, and you can accomplish the makeup of your eyelashes every time and everywhere. Shaping easily your eyelashes for different makeup effects.
✅ Our heated eyelash curler could fit the eyelashes perfectly, making perfect natural curling eyelashes and lasting for 24 hours. 

 How To Use:

Step 1: Preheating

Press and hold the switch for 1.5S to power on and preheat, wait for about 15S, and the heated eyelash curler silicone chuck can be used after it turns white.

Step 2: Adjust Gear

The green light is a low-temperature setting, suitable for fine and soft eyelashes; the blue light is a high-temperature setting, suitable for thick and hard eyelashes.

Step 3: Start Curling Eyelashes

Curl eyelashes from bottom to top, and press the bottom for 5-10 seconds.

Slowly move the eyelash curler handle over 90 degrees to lift and gently release the curler.

Repeat the above several times as needed.

Step 4: Eyelash Styling

Apply mascara for thicker, curled lashes.


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